The Story of my MMM

I have been a performance coach in the Central Florida area for the past 16 years.  I began my career primarily in sports performance.  Most of my clients being athletes, I only saw most of them on a consistent basis for 4-5 months per year.

I wanted to be able to continue to encourage them even when I wasn’t with them.  As I trained, mentored, and coached 1000’s of young athletes I realized that constant teaching and coaching, especially on the mental side was critical for the development of their potential.

So I began sending an email to each of my clients and the parents of my clients each (well at least I tried) Monday morning. The goal was for them to wake up to something positive and motivational every week.

Over the years as my list of clients grew from not just athletes but to a much wider range audience, I realized anyone could benefit from some thought provoking motivation at the beginning of the week.

The goal has always been the same.  If I can make just one person’s day better by reading this, it will be 100% worth it.  Enjoy